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    Asoka Trading Company, creador del incienso popular Darshan (abrazo), es un de los más importantes fabricantes de inciensos de la India. Se ha mantenido a la vanguardia de la innovación y el desarrollo en la fabricación de sus productos.
    Preparados utilizando combinaciones de hierbas, aceites, etc, sus palos de incienso son incomparables en el ámbito del aroma.


    Balaji (manufactured by Baco incenses) is one of the most prestigious incense houses in India. Characterized by manufacturing floral incense of the highest quality. They are incense masala, that is, natural.

  • BIC

    Bharat Industrial Corporation (BIC) is one of India's largest exporters of incense and Dhoops sticks. Our products are preferred by the most demanding customers in more than 40 countries around the world. Based in Bangalore (India) with a legacy spanning more than four decades.


    Goloka is well known for its products. The company manufactures and exports Indian incense sticks, natural Madhu (honey) Masala incense sticks, Dhoop sticks, Puja articles and Earth incense.

  • GR

    GR International is a member of the All India Agarbathis Manufacturing Association and is actively involved in forums of incense manufacturers from around the world. 


    Incenses of special quality, made with essential oils and quality ingredients.

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  • HEM

    In India, simplicity and culture is not only in the hearts of people, it is in the air too. HEM offers a wide range of incense rods that will aromatize your surroundings by screaming a perfect ambience and a stunning dream effect ..


    Padmini incenses are made in India, with the best resins, are totally pure, since they have the peculiarity of not having a stick in its core, so they burn better and leave less residue, allowing us to enjoy their unique aromas.

  • SAC

    Sac, Sandesh Agarbathi Company, is one of the leading incense manufacturers in India, with the widest variety of high quality fragrances available in rods, cones and essential oils.

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